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Notice of Beijing Municipal Health Commission and Beijing Municipal Administration of Market Supervision on Clarifying Matters Related to Food Business Licenses of Nursery Institutions
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In accordance with the”Beijing Food Business License Management Measures (Trial)”,”Beijing Childcare Institution Registration and Filing Implementation Rules (Trial)” and other relevant regulations, childcare institutions that provide catering services apply for the establishment of unit canteens, such as the main qualification certification documents The business or business scope is marked with”childcare services (excluding kindergartens and nurseries)”. The market supervision department can determine the main business type of the organization’s food business license in accordance with”unit canteens (other canteens)”, and indicate”childcare services” in the remarks.”. The nursery institution that builds its own canteen shall hold a valid food business license when filing with the health department, and the main format of the license is”unit canteen (other canteen)”.

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