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Suzhou Food Safety Office held the first food safety risk exchange meeting in 2022
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In order to further improve the city’s food safety risk management system and effectively do a good job in food safety risk early warning and risk exchange, on the morning of January 7, the office of Suzhou food safety committee held the first food safety risk exchange meeting in 2022 on the problem of pesticide”carbendazim” residues hindering the healthy development of fruit export industry. Wang Fang, deputy director of Suzhou food safety office and deputy director of Suzhou market supervision bureau, attended and presided over the meeting.

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Violation of Chinese food exports to Korea in July 2020 (updated to July 12)
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Note:This information is from the official website of the Korea Food and Drug Administration, translated and compiled by the Food Partner Network. Welcome to reprint, please indicate the source! If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] *The export stage violation foods and food-related products provided on this page are all returned to the exporting country or disposed of.

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