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The people’s Court of Longhua County, Hebei Province cracked down on typical cases of violations of intellectual property rights and the production and sale of fake and shoddy commodities
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Since December 2019, the defendant Xu has repeatedly purchased bulk weight loss capsules from 1688 Alibaba wholesale network and customized packaging materials for packaging. Knowing that the capsules they purchased had no legal procedures, they named the packaged Capsules”qiaozitang L-carnitine capsule and composite food fiber”, sold them through the online store named”one so to the end” registered on Taobao, and hired Zhang and Lu as Taobao customer service to help them sell online. After testing by Qingdao Customs technology center, the slimming capsules sold by Xu contain sibutramine, which is prohibited by the state.

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[interpretation by case] Sanyuan procurator reminded:online shopping of weight loss drugs should be cautious, and”three noes” products should be far away
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Recently, Sanyuan County People’s Procuratorate handled a case of selling toxic and harmful food. The suspect sold Nana’s”magic thin weight loss capsule”. After investigation, the defendant Lu, knowing that the three noes product”magic thin weight loss capsule” added prohibited items, successively sold it to dozens of people through wechat circle of friends in order to make huge profits, resulting in adverse symptoms for the two people.

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Because of this, he has to post an apology in the newspaper
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I wanted to buy”Miracle Capsules” for refreshing, anti-fatigue and replenishing energy, but I didn’t want to feel fatigue and anxiety after taking it. It turns out that”this capsule” purchased online is not”bi capsule”. Not only is it not magical, it may also be toxic and harmful! Fortunately, the online shop sellers who sold”poison” capsules were sentenced to punishment. In addition to paying ten times the price, they had to publish an apology to consumers!

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20 times profiteering! Dog food turned into a”diet pill”! Linhai cross-city investigation and handling of a case of adding”sibuminqu” to weight-loss drug
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Recently, the Linhai City Market Supervision Administration, together with the public security department, investigated and dealt with a case of the production and sale of toxic and harmful food, and seized more than 16,000 pills and capsules of various colors.

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Anping Court concludes the first criminal and incidental civil public interest lawsuit on the sale of toxic and harmful food
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On December 8, 2020, the Anping Court filed a criminal and incidental civil public interest lawsuit against Zhou for the crime of illegally selling toxic and harmful foods. The punitive damages of ten times the price of food that meet the food safety standards, totaling RMB 91,1643.9, were publicly apologized to the public in Hebei Daily. This is the first criminal incidental civil public interest lawsuit handled by the court since its establishment. In order to achieve a better social effect, a seven-member collegiate panel composed of 3 judges and 4 people’s assessors tried this case.

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