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Chen Shanchun, a researcher from the Institute of Citrus, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, analyzes the mechanism of CsPrx25 improving citrus resistance to canker disease
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Recently, the TOP journal Horticulture Research (SCI, IF=5.404) under the Nature Publishing Group published an online publication titled CsPrx25, a class III peroxidase in Citrus sinensis, confers resistance to citrus bacterial canker through the maintenance of ROS homoeostasis and cell wall lignificat

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Professor Huang Lili’s team overcomes the problem of prevention and control of kiwi canker
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Research by Professor Huang Lili’s team found that kiwi fruit canker is a disease caused by bacteria. The team clarified for the first time that the pathogenic bacteria of kiwi canker in China is Pseudomonas syringae kiwi fruit pathogenic species biotype 3, and was the first to reveal the epidemic law of the disease in the main kiwifruit producing areas of China, and changed passive treatment to active prevention. Proposed the”two fronts and two rears” precision pesticide application prevention and control strategy, and with Shaanxi as the center, prevention and control demonstration sites were established scattered across the country in kiwifruit growing areas to demonstrate prevention and control techniques, and to carry out technical training and promotion in a timely manner.

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