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The Camellia oleifera research team of Sichuan Agricultural University went to Longchang City to develop scientific and technological services for the Camellia oleifera industry
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In response to the unstable output of the existing Camellia oleifera forest in Longchang City, some lack of fruit, and the lack of local improved varieties, at the invitation of the People’s Government of Shiyanqiao Town, Longchang City, from May 9th to 11th, Dr. Chen Tao and graduate students from the Camellia oleifera research group of Sichuan Agricultural University Four people went to Shiyanqiao Town, Longchang City to carry out oil-tea camellia germplasm resource survey, low-yield forest transformation technology experiment and demonstration, and technical guidance for oil-tea camellia sprouts and inoculation seedling breeding, helping the local oil-tea camellia industry to develop well.

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