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Xinjiang Habitat has made progress in the study of deep-rooted legumes’ biological nitrogen fixation in response to salt
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Leguminous plants have the potential for nodulation and nitrogen fixation, but in arid areas, the biological nitrogen fixation potential of perennial legumes shows greater spatial variability. Previous studies on the nitrogen metabolism of the deep-rooted perennial herbaceous camel thorns in the transition zone between the Taklimakan Desert and the Cele Oasis found that the biological nitrogen fixation potential of camel thorns showed large spatial variability, and the nitrate reductase activity of nitrogen-fixing plants Significantly lower than non-nitrogen-fixing plants. Based on this inference, this may be due to the differentiation of the camel thorn community in this area into different genotypes, which have different nitrate reduction and nitrogen fixation capabilities, but the correctness of this reasoning needs further verification.

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