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2022 national sea cucumber industry trend 3:far reaching impact after reduction of cage culture
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2022 has come. In this year, every sea cucumber person and consumer are concerned about what factors will affect the sea cucumber industry and the future development trend. On January 6, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas issued the national fishery development plan for the 14th five year plan, which has become a programmatic document for the national fishery development in the next five years. Based on various factors and information, this paper forecasts the six trends of sea cucumber industry in 2022.

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Announcement of China Chain Operation Association on Issuing the group standard”guidelines for evaluation of non cage egg production”
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According to the management measures for group standards of China Chain Operation Association (for Trial Implementation) and its implementation rules and other relevant requirements, it is hereby approved that the evaluation guide for non cage egg production is the group standard of China’s chain retail industry, No. T/ccfags 025-2021, which will be implemented from October 13, 2021.

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“Non caged eggs” released the first group standard
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On October 13, China Chain Operation Association officially issued the implementation group standard”guidelines for production evaluation of non caged eggs” (T/ccfags 025-2021) (hereinafter referred to as the”standard”), which provides a third-party evaluation basis for ensuring the authenticity of production, circulation and consumption of”non caged eggs”.

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Group standard”Guidelines for Evaluation of Non-caged Egg Production (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)” for comments
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In 2020, the China Business Chain Association conducted a survey on the sales and consumption of non-cage-raised eggs in 73 retail and catering companies. The survey results showed that 87.67%of the retail and catering companies surveyed had a positive attitude towards non-cage-raised eggs and believed that consumers The premium of non-caged egg products can be accepted; 68.49%of retail and catering companies believe that the main obstacle to the development of non-cage eggs is the lack of non-cage egg standards and labels in the market; 75.34%of retail and catering companies believe that industry organizations should promote the establishment Domestic non-caged egg standards and certification system.

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Yangtze fishing for small fish and shrimp
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In the early morning of June 25, the police of Yangzhou Development Zone discovered a pair of suspicious men and women on the shore during a routine inspection at the intersection of Dazhang River and Yangtze River in Puxi Town. The police stepped forward and saw that the two had violated the Yangtze River’s ban on fishing, fishing for Jiang Xian, and wanted to add a dish to the festival!

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