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Case of infringement of the exclusive right to use a registered trademark by a liquor supermarket in Jiaozhou
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The”tianzhilan” liquor operated by a liquor supermarket in Jiaozhou City was identified on site by the appraisers of Jiangsu Yanghe distillery Co., Ltd. and issued the product identification report. The identification conclusion is that”the above products infringe the registered trademark of our company’s” tianzhilan”and are not produced by our company”. After investigation, the party concerned purchased the above 9 bottles of”sky blue” wine from a friend in 2018, with a bid price of 320 yuan/bottle and a value of 2880 yuan. There was no supplier qualification, purchase notes and other materials. It was not sold until the on-site inspection by law enforcement personnel in June 2021. The above-mentioned acts of the parties violated the relevant provisions of the Trademark Law of the people’s Republic of China.

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