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The first in the province! From now on, the Fuzhou Market Supervision Bureau will provide simultaneous changes to business licenses and trademark registration certificates.
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In order to thoroughly implement the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on deepening the reform of”decentralization, management and service”, further optimize the business environment of our city, and provide more high-quality and convenient services for trademark owners, the Fuzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau pioneered the””Window financing” facilitates the mechanism, and actively integrates the business registration acceptance window of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Fuzhou acceptance window of the State Intellectual Property Office for trademark business. From now on, the service of simultaneous change of trademark registration certificate and business license is provided, and enterprises go to the Municipal Administrative Service Center to apply for business licenses. When the name or business premises are changed, the registrant or the registered address of the trademark registration certificate under the name can be changed at no cost.

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Sichuan Province issued the first food business license, Sichuan continued to deepen the reform of”delegation, management and service”
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On June 7, Sichuan’s first business license labeled”food business (only selling pre-packaged food)” was issued at the window of the Xuyong County Government Affairs Hall Market Supervision Bureau. This marks the formal implementation of the registration system for food business (only selling pre-packaged food) licenses in our province.

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Kaifeng Free Trade Zone Market Supervision Branch launches special rectification of unlicensed operations and food safety
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On May 11, the Market Supervision Branch of the Kaifeng Free Trade Zone organized a special rectification of unlicensed operations and food safety in the Jianye Juxiangli Community on the 13th Street. Focus on rectifying the following contents:1. Acts of engaging in business activities without obtaining permits and business licenses in accordance with law; 2. Acts of engaging in business activities without obtaining permits but shall obtain business licenses without obtaining business licenses in accordance with the law. 3. Acts that have obtained a license in accordance with the law, but have not obtained a business license in accordance with the law, and engage in business activities without authorization.

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Announcement of the State Administration of Market Supervision on the Prevention of Fraudulent Collection of Fees by Criminals forging Electronic Business Licenses (2020 No. 35)
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Recently, criminals have sent text messages to merchants in the name of”business registration”, stating that”the business license needs to be updated with the certified electric signature version, and the system will automatically cancel the account if the time expires”, inducing the merchant to log in to the phishing website link and remove the information in their bank account. The transfer of funds resulted in losses for the operators.

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