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Rizhao City Market Supervision Bureau conducts supervision and inspection of Rizhao green tea and seafood markets
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In order to effectively guarantee the safety of consumption in the”May 1st” holiday market, in the past few days, the market supervision departments at all levels in Rizhao City have continued to carry out special inspections in key areas throughout the city. On the morning of May 3rd, Yuan Fangtao, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau, led a special team to combat”Rizhao Green Tea” infringement and counterfeiting and illegal seafood market measurement to conduct supervision and inspections in Beicha Town and Jinyang Market.

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Shanghai announces new phase of food sampling inspection information, 5 batches of edible agricultural products were unqualified
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On March 10, the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration announced the new phase of food sampling inspection information. Among the 306 batches of samples of four major food categories such as cocoa and roasted coffee products, aquatic products, formula foods for special medical purposes, and edible agricultural products were sampled. Five batches of edible agricultural products were found to be unqualified.

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Notice of the Market Supervision and Administration Department of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region on the Risk Control of Unqualified Food (No. 4, 2020)
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The”Notice on the Verification and Disposal of 29 Batches of Unqualified Food under Supervision and Sampling Inspection” issued by the General Office of the State Administration for Market Regulation (Shi Jian Shi Jian Han [2020] No. 1415), involving a food business enterprise in Ningxia. The risk control of unqualified food is now notified as follows.

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Xi’an Branch of Liaoyuan City organizes special inspections of refrigerated and frozen food, seafood and aquatic products
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On July 22, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, added a confirmed case of local new coronary pneumonia. According to the latest epidemic prevention and control requirements, the Xi’an Branch of Liaoyuan City organized relevant leaders and law enforcement personnel to convene a special work meeting as soon as possible on July 23 to deploy and implement the requirements of the Municipal Bureau to investigate seafood. Director He Xi of the sub-bureau especially emphasized the need to carry out investigation work in conjunction with recent key work on aquatic products and frozen meat products, and strive to make the investigation detailed and comprehensive without leaving dead ends.

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