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The Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment of Maanshan City Market Supervision Launches a Special Rectification Action for Live Poultry Transactions
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On May 12, 2021, in order to do a solid job in the normalization of the epidemic prevention and control work and eliminate the hidden risks of epidemic spread, the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment of Maanshan City Market Supervision, together with the Yushan District Market Supervision Bureau and Xiangshan Police Station, carried out a standardized market activity in In the special rectification action for poultry trading, a total of 3 related business households were inspected, and 3 illegal clues were found, and warnings and punishments were given on the spot.

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23 cases were filed and fined 510,000 yuan! Yinchuan City Market Supervision Bureau Xingqing District Bureau launched an anti-counterfeiting action in the liquor market
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With the strengthening of the new round of liquor market, counterfeit goods in the liquor market are also hard to guard against. In order to protect the consumption safety of the broad masses of the people, we will earnestly carry out party history learning and education, and promote”I do practical things for the masses”. The”Iron Fist” of the Xingqing District Bureau of the Administration launched a special campaign against counterfeiting in the liquor market.

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Four Measures by the Market Supervision Bureau of Bengbu Yuhui District to Promote the Sales of Light Chicken in the Farmers Market
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In order to improve the environmental level of the farmer’s market, protect the health and safety of the people, and further prepare for the city’s opening of the city, the Bengbu Yuhui District Market Supervision Bureau has stepped up its work to completely ban live poultry transactions and boost the sale of light chickens in the farmer’s market.

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