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Qianshan City named 14 rural food safety operation standard stores
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In order to thoroughly implement the”Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Deepening Reform and Strengthening Food Safety Work”, further promote the governance of rural counterfeit and inferior food problems, and strengthen the rectification of key rural food issues, Qianshan City Supply and Marketing Cooperative Association and Qianshan City Market Supervision Bureau jointly Issued the”Notice on Carrying out the Establishment of a Standardized Store for Rural Food Safety Operation in Qianshan City in 2021″, which has been named after voluntary declaration, on-site inspection, preliminary review, random inspection, review, publicity and other procedures, combined with daily supervision records and the effectiveness of key work”Qianshan County New Supply and Marketing Co., Ltd. Lingtou Direct Store” and other 14 food sales units are”Qianshan City Rural Food Safety Management Standard Stores”, and the commended units will be issued uniformly”Qianshan City Food Safety Management Standard Stores””plaque.

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