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Agricultural economic observation and summer grain consultation:the number of ears per mu of wheat is slightly better than that in the late last year. Pay attention to 1000 grain weight and grain storage
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Recently, the”agricultural economic observation” symposium was held online by the chamber of Commerce. The meeting focused on the production situation, difficulties and Countermeasures of seizing the summer grain harvest and ensuring the grain storage, and discussed the wheat production situation, existing problems and policy demands in Henan, Shandong, Hebei and other major grain producing provinces.

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In 11 provinces and 30 teams, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences launched a special action to seize the summer grain harvest
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On February 17, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences organized a pre trip mobilization and deployment meeting for the special action to seize summer grain harvest. According to the relevant requirements of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas and the instructions of the main leaders of the hospital, the hospital launched a special action to seize summer grain, and will organize a team of experts with about 200 people to sink to the front line to carry out field management of wheat, rape, peanut and technical guidance services for belt composite planting of soybean and corn. Sun tan, vice president, presided over the kick-off meeting.

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