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[case description] it only takes 5 seconds for the bullfrog to gain weight by water injection, and the law enforcement officers squat for 5 days to catch the current
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During the routine inspection of a market under its jurisdiction, the law enforcement officers of Shanghai Baoshan Market Supervision Bureau found a hose with a medical needle in a corner of a bullfrog shop. Law enforcement officers immediately read the channel videos monitored in the store and in the market. The monitoring shows that the opening time of the store is often one to two hours earlier than that of its peers. It can be seen vaguely what the staff in the store are doing to the bullfrog. However, the monitoring angle is limited and the image is blurred. Law enforcement officers immediately decided to squat at night. After several days of squatting, it was finally found that the party was using water injection tools to inject water into the bullfrogs for sale in the place on the evening of the fifth day.

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Announcement of the Xincheng Branch of the Zhoushan Municipal Market Supervision Administration on the Inspection and Disposal of Substandard Food (Phase 2, 2020)
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Two batches of unqualified bullfrogs were found in the food inspection organized by the Xincheng Branch of the Zhoushan Market Supervision Administration. The inspection and handling of the unqualified bullfrogs are now notified as follows.

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