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Today’s Guide:haohuan snail twice responded to the”worm egg” event in snail powder; Henan re reported”students vomiting after meals”; Jingzhi Baijiu liquor series of products increased in price (November 29, 2021)
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On November 29, there was a hot smell:haohuan snail twice responded to the event of eating”insect eggs” from snail powder; Henan again reported that”students vomit after meals”:many officials in Fengqiu were put on file for investigation; Shenzhen market supervision bureau reported the relevant situation of”thousand yuan beverage”; Korla Fragrant Pear Association responded to trademark disputes; Starbucks branch failed to clean up expired moon cakes and was warned; Willing to apply for liquor trademarks such as”Gufeng good wine”

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Analysis and Countermeasures of Chinese products notified by EU RASFF in the third quarter of 2021
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The rapid alert system for food and feed (RASFF) of EU is an important platform for the safety information exchange of food, feed and food contact materials in EU and European Economic Area countries. The notification of Chinese export products by RASFF will not only affect the sales of products and bring economic losses to enterprises, but also affect the reputation of”made in China”. This paper combs and analyzes the situation of EU RASFF system notifying Chinese products (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) in the third quarter of 2021 from the aspects of notification overview, notification country, notification product category and notification hazard type.

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