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Notice of Yunnan Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau on Further Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Bulk Liquor Quality and Safety Risks
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Yunnan Province is a major province in the production and consumption of bulk liquor. Bulk liquor has the characteristics of low price and diverse flavors, which meets the needs of different levels of social consumption, and has a broad market space in the province, especially in the vast remote villages. However, the lack of awareness of regulations and standards of bulk liquor producers and operators and insufficient consumer safety awareness are more prominent, leading to greater potential safety hazards in bulk liquor consumption.

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Reminders of Sichuan Liangshan Prefecture Market Supervision Bureau on Bulk Liquor Consumption
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Bulk liquor is mostly produced by small workshops. Due to the backward production process and poor process control, the product quality indicators and even safety indicators are more likely to be unqualified. In addition, some illegal vendors use alcohol illegally in order to seek improper benefits. Even industrial alcohol blending pretends to be pure grain liquor, resulting in poisoning or even death of drinkers. In order to further enhance the safety awareness and discrimination ability of consumers, prevent fake and inferior bulk liquor from threatening consumers’ health and life safety. The Liangshan Market Supervision and Administration Bureau warmly reminds consumers to pay attention to several issues when buying bulk liquor.

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Suqian City Market Supervision Bureau held a publicity and implementation training meeting on”Suqian City Bulk Liquor Production and Sales Management Measures (Trial)”
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In order to strengthen the management of the production and sales of bulk liquor in Suqian City, regulate the production and sales of bulk liquor, and promote the special management of bulk liquor quality and safety, on August 6, the Suqian City Market Supervision Bureau organized the”Suqian City Bulk Liquor Production and Sales Management Measures (Trial Implementation) )” Publicity and Implementation Training Conference. Zang Guanglou, deputy director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Heads of nearly 160 bulk liquor production and sales units in the city, heads of food sections of the market supervision bureaus of counties and districts, and heads of law enforcement inspection departments attended the meeting.

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Notice of the Shenzhen Bulk Liquor Industry Association on soliciting opinions on the group standards (draft for soliciting opinions) of the”Bulk Liquor Operating Standards”
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The group standards for the”Bulk Liquor Operating Standards” proposed and led by the Shenzhen Bulk Liquor Industry Association have been prepared for the consultation draft. In order to ensure the scientificity, rigor and applicability of the standards, comments are now openly solicited.

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