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Professor Zhang Chuanxi’s team from Zhejiang University published a paper in eLife to reveal the three-dimensional structure of rice planthoppers at nanometer resolution
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On February 23, 2021, Professor Zhang Chuanxi’s team published a research paper entitled”Three-dimensional reconstruction of a whole insect reveals its phloem sap-sucking mechanism at nano-resolution” online on eLife, using large-scale 3D electron microscopy for the first time The nano-resolution three-dimensional structure of the rice planthopper was reconstructed, revealing the relationship between the structure and function of its internal tissues and organs, especially the mouthparts and tracheal system. This is also the first complete insect three-dimensional structure constructed using this technology.

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The research team of Nanjing Agricultural University has made new breakthroughs in the application of symbiotic bacteria to prevent and control rice planthoppers
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When it comes to crop pest control, the common method is spraying pesticides or cultivating new pest-resistant varieties. However, scientists have now broken through the existing imagination and achieved pest control and prevention by going deep into the enemy and directly hitting the yellow dragon. The dual effect of disease. Recently, the team of Professor Xiaoyue Hong from the School of Plant Protection of Nanjing Agricultural University used ecological prevention and control methods to make an important breakthrough in the application of symbiotic bacteria to prevent and control rice planthoppers. The results were published online in the international authoritative journal”CurrentBiology” in the field of biology. . Gong Juntao, a doctoral student in the Department of Entomology, is the first author, and Professor Hong Xiaoyue is the first corresponding author and main contact.

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