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This study revealed the survival strategy and mechanism of rice stem borer and brown planthopper in response to rice defense
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Recently, the ecological security evaluation and utilization innovation team of disease and insect resistant crops in the Institute of plant protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences systematically expounded the ecological strategy and biochemical and molecular mechanism of”mutually beneficial coexistence” by cooperating with two major pests with rice as their host – Chilo suppressalis and brown planthopper. Relevant research results are published in nature communications.

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Zhejiang plant protection pesticide station urgently deployed the prevention and control of brown planthopper in the later stage of late maturing late rice
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In the first and middle of October, the temperature in Zhejiang province continued to be on the high side. The number of brown planthopper in single cropping rice and rice fields in some rice areas increased rapidly last night, and some fields that were out of control or missed treatment appeared”breakthrough”. The rapid deployment of provincial plant protection pesticide stations requires all localities to closely strengthen monitoring, expand the frequency and scope of field investigation, scientifically guide prevention and control, and earnestly ensure that grain does not enter the warehouse,”insect mouth seizes grain” will not be relaxed, so as to ensure a bumper harvest of late rice in Zhejiang Province.

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