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Research by the Institute of Plant Protection reveals that homologous terpenes play an important role in regulating the interaction of the major agricultural pest, the brown planthopper, and rice
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On April 19, 2021, the rice pest control research team of the Institute of Plant Protection, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences published a report on the regulation of rice and The latest research results on the identification and functional analysis of information chemical substances interacting with brown planthopper, a major pest.

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The Institute of Plant Protection of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences reveals a new defense mechanism for the brown planthopper to use the Chilo suppressalis to resist rice
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Recently, the internationally renowned journal”eLife” published a research paper entitled”Caterpillar-induced rice volatiles provide enemy-free space for the offspring of the brown planthopper” completed by the research team of Li Yunhe of the Institute of Plant Protection of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. This research systematically analyzed the rice-mediated multiple interspecies relationship of Chilo suppressalis-Brown planthopper-S. chinensis, and revealed the ecological and ecological effects of the rice hopper by inducing rice volatiles by the Chilo suppressalis. Biochemical mechanism. The paper tells an interesting story of”small bugs, great wisdom”.

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