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Dr. Rao Shen from the National Selenium Center published a paper on the research of selenium-enriched broccoli cultivation
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A few days ago, Rao Shen published a research paper in the international authoritative journal”Food Research International” (a periodical of agricultural and forestry sciences), revealing the mechanism of selenium affecting the important active ingredients of broccoli, flavonoids and glucosinolates. The first author of the paper is Dr. Rao Shen, and the corresponding author is the director of the National Selenium-enriched Agricultural Products Processing Technology Research and Development Center (National Selenium Center), the dean and professor of the School of Modern Industry of Selenium Science and Engineering, Wuhan University of Light Industry and Professor Cheng Shuiyuan and Yangtze University Horticulture Xu Feng, Dean and Professor of the College of Landscape Architecture.

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