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The Pearl River Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences obtained the national invention patent authorization for”a processing method for improving the digestion and utilization rate of broad beans by fish and the fermented product of broad beans”
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A few days ago, Yu Ermeng, Fu Bing, Wang Guangjun, Xie Jun, Yu Deguang, Li Zhifei, Tian Jingjing, Zhang Kai, and Gong Wangbao invented by the Aquaculture and Nutrition Research Office of the Pearl River Fisheries Research Institute”a treatment method for improving the digestion and utilization of broad beans by fish””Faba bean fermented product” obtained the national invention patent authorization, patent number:ZL 201810287791.9.

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High-efficiency broad bean production technology in Qinghai Province has achieved remarkable results
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Recently, the Qinghai Provincial Science and Technology Department organized experts to inspect and accept the provincial-level scientific and technological achievement transformation project”Integration and Demonstration of Broad Bean Efficient Production Technology” undertaken by Qinghai Xinnong Technology Co., Ltd. The expert team believes that the project successfully realized the mechanization of broad beans through the selection of broad bean varieties suitable for mechanized production, research on combine harvesters suitable for broad bean production, and integration of chemical control technologies suitable for mechanized production. The”bottleneck” problem of high production costs provides strong scientific and technological support for the realization of large-scale broad bean planting.

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