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Notice of the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on the risk control of unqualified food (issue 3, 2022)
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The notice of the general office of the State Administration of market supervision on the inspection and disposal of 39 batches of unqualified food after sampling inspection (Shi Jian Shi Jian Han [2022] No. 505) issued by the general office of the State Administration of market supervision involves a production enterprise and a business enterprise in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The inspection and disposal of unqualified food are hereby notified as follows.

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The use of smuggled frozen meat without quarantine was fined 200000 yuan, and a breakfast shop in Haikou appealed to the court and was rejected
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Recently, the Haikou intermediate people’s court made a final judgment on the administrative lawsuit filed by a breakfast shop in Haikou for using smuggled frozen meat without quarantine:rejecting the appeal and upholding the original judgment. Haikou intermediate people’s court has supported Haikou market supervision and Administration Bureau (hereinafter referred to as Haikou Supervision Bureau) in cracking down on illegal food operators according to law, earnestly practiced the judicial concept of”people-centered”, maintained the people’s life and health, and achieved good legal and social effects.

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McDonald’s Mainland China first launches plant-based meat products
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Recently, McDonald’s China simultaneously launched a new limited-time breakfast product in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen-“Plant-made Thick Breakfast Meat Series”. This is McDonald’s first attempt in the field of vegetable meat in mainland China. There are five products in this series. On the basis of the original popular breakfast products, they innovatively incorporate soy-derived”plant-made thick breakfast meat” ingredients, enriching the variety of McDonald’s breakfasts, and providing customers with more delicious and affordable breakfast options .

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Sodium cyclamate added to steamed buns? That won’t work!
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Recently, the Baishi Office of the Yueqing City Market Supervision Bureau discovered illegally added sodium cyclamate in the red jujube steamed buns sold in a breakfast shop in the jurisdiction during the daily supervision and random inspection. At the same time, it was detected that the aluminum residue items in the breakfast shop did not meet the requirements of the GB2760-2014″National Food Safety Standard Food Additives Use Standard”, which actually exceeded 6 times.

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