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In addition to whole wheat bread, there are many options for weight loss
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This summer, from the”rice circle” to this”rice circle”, Internet celebrities have”collapsed” one after another. In this”rice circle”, on August 30, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee stated that after testing by professional institutions, the nutritional composition table on the packaging of pastoralist whole-wheat bread was deviated from the actual measured value. On September 4, Pastoralism issued an apology statement. At the same time, it stated in the announcement that the main cause of the problem was identified as the increase in the amount of gluten added when the product was upgraded on August 7, which was not timely due to misjudgment. Change the nutrient composition table.

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The Russian government allocates 5 billion rubles to stabilize bread prices
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Russian News Network reported on January 25 that the government decree issued by Russia showed that the Russian government allocated 5 billion rubles (about 66 million US dollars) to stabilize the price of bread, and related funds would be transferred to local budgets to make up for the purchase of wheat and wheat by flour mills. The cost of sales of the bakery.

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Romanian sweet bread sales will drop by about 10%
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Luo Tong News Agency reported on the 17th that the chairman of the Luo Flour and Baking Industry Employers Association said that compared with 2019, due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic this Christmas holiday, Luo sweet bread sales will drop by about 10%, but it is significantly lower than the resurrection A 30%-40%drop during the festival will increase the overall price by 10%.

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2020 China Bread Industry Market Research and Consumer Insights Analysis Report
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The bread industry is an important part of the baking industry. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, from 2003 to 2014, the growth rate of sales revenue of China’s pastry and bread enterprises has always maintained above 10%, and the compound growth rate is close to 30%, which is slightly faster than the baking industry. Is the country with the fastest growing bread and pastry industry. The competitive landscape of my country’s bread industry is still relatively fragmented, mainly due to the relatively high proportion of hand-made workshops, while the market share of Taoli Bread, Dali Food, and Panpan Food in the industry is relatively low. Industry concentration needs to be integrated. Under this circumstance, the Food Industry Research Center of the Food Partner Network released the 2020 China Bread Industry Market Research and Consumer Insights Analysis Report.

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