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Brazil’s pork exports increase by more than 30%in April, China imports more than half
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According to data released by the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) on May 11, thanks to the expansion of sales to Asian, African and American countries, Brazil’s April pork exports (including fresh and processed products) were compared with 71,800 tons in the same period last year. The ratio increased by 35.1%to 98,300 tons, of which 51,500 tons were sold to mainland China.

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Researcher Lin Tao of Zhejiang University and Professor Ying Yibin’s team (IBE) published a cover article in Nature Food to discuss the important mechanism of increasing grain production in Brazil, the “granary of the world”
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Recently, the researcher Lin Tao and the team of Professor Yibin Ying (IBE) from the School of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science of Zhejiang University and their collaborators from the United States, Brazil and China published a cover article on Nature Food (Figure 1), revealing the support for Brazilian soybeans and corn Two important mechanisms for yield increase:double cropping and arable land expansion. Among them, the importance of double-season planting has become increasingly prominent, and it may become a key guarantee for sustainable agricultural development and food security in Brazil and other pan-tropical regions in the future.

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Optimistic about meat, fruit and coffee Brazilian businessmen hope to increase the added value of exports to China
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Recently, José Ricardo dos Santos Linz Júnior (José Ricardo dos Santos Linz Júnior), executive director of LIDE China, the Brazilian Business Leadership Organization, stated in a statement that Brazil can Strengthen exports to China, increase exports of high value-added products, and further promote the development of Pakistan-China economic and trade relations.

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