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Today’s Guide:he Shilan (China) was fined 20000 yuan; 8-year-old boy’s eye blindness caused by playing desiccant;”Keniu” officially entered the low-temperature milk market (September 26, 2021)
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On September 26, there was a hot smell:infant formula, pork, loach… The State Administration of market supervision informed these 7 batches of unqualified food; He Shilan (China) was fined 20000 yuan for suspected false publicity; In 2021, the top 500 Asian brands were launched, and 22 food and beverage brands in China were selected; 8-year-old boy’s blindness caused by playing with food desiccant;”Keniu” officially entered the low-temperature milk market; Ding Xiongjun was elected chairman of Guizhou Maotai

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Three Steps in Bengbu City to Promote the Construction of”Food Safety Anhui” Brand
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In order to further implement the strategy of a strong quality city and food safety, build the “Food Safety Anhui” Bengbu brand, and promote the high-quality development of the food industry, according to the unified deployment of the Provincial Government and the Provincial Food Safety Office, Bengbu City has taken three steps to promote “Food Safety” this year.”Anhui” brand building.

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Analysis on the feasibility of cooperation between tea enterprises and sports market
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With the continuous improvement of the economic level and the impact of the epidemic, the public attaches unprecedented importance to the concept of health. Tea is an important carrier for the transmission of health culture and ideas. After the epidemic, the correct concept of tea drinking has been widely disseminated, and many people regard tea as an essential drink in their lives. In addition, scientific sports are also an important way to keep fit. More people are beginning to pay attention to sports events, such as the Olympic Games, World Cup, Chinese Super League, CBA and many other events, and their influence and popularity are increasing day by day. The positive impact of sports events on the human spirit and the health-care function of tea make”tea & sports” more and more compatible.

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Ausnutria’s 2021 first quarter results announcement:strong growth in milk powder, rapid recovery of goat milk powder
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On the evening of May 11, Ausnutria Dairy (stock code:1717.HK, hereinafter referred to as”Australia” or the”Company”), which is committed to”becoming the world’s most trusted formula milk powder and nutrition and health company”, released its 2021 Q1 results announcement , To disclose the company’s operations and business latest developments in the first quarter of 2021.

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Tianjin Municipal Committee of Agriculture and Rural Affairs went to Jinnan District to investigate the construction of Xiaozhan rice brand
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In order to promote the implementation and implementation of the six groups of inspection feedback opinions of the municipal party committee inspection, see the practice and achieve results, create a work pattern for the city to coordinate the management of the Xiaozhan rice brand, and continue to strengthen the development of the Xiaozhan rice brand towards high-quality and high-end products, April 2, Tianjin Zhang Jianshu, chief agronomist of the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Committee led a team to Jinnan District to conduct research on the construction of Xiaozhan rice brand.

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