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The Sustainable Development Seminar of the Poultry (Egg) Industry Branch of China Meat Association was successfully held in Lu
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In order to promote the healthy development of the meat industry, strengthen exchanges and cooperation among members, and further enhance the core competitiveness of meat companies during the epidemic. On July 14, 2021, a seminar on sustainable development of the poultry (egg) industry branch will be held in Yantai, Shandong Province.

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Announcement of Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration on Risk Control and Verification and Disposal of Unqualified Food (No. 134 of 2021)
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“Notice of the General Administration of Market Supervision on the Unqualified Situation of 22 Batches of Food Sampling Inspection” (No. 26 of 2021) relates to astragalus honey sold in the Shunde branch of Beijing Tongrentang Foshan Chain Pharmacy Co., Ltd. The following is the announcement of the risk control and verification of unqualified food.

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In the first quarter of 2021, the Cattle and Sheep Industry Development Situation Conference and the Standing Council of the Cattle and Sheep Industry Branch of the China Meat Association are held in Nanjing
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On April 7, 2021, the”Conference on the Development Situation of Cattle and Sheep Industry in the First Quarter of 2021 and the Standing Council of the Cattle and Sheep Industry Branch of China Meat Association” was held in Nanjing. This meeting focused on the safety and regulation of cattle and sheep breeding and beef and mutton market. , Enterprise cooperation, product standardization, industrial development, trade status, traceability system construction and marketing changes and other related topics were discussed in depth.

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The Maoji Sub-bureau of Huainan Market Supervision Administration has successfully completed the 2020 unannounced inspection task of the provincial bureau of food production enterprises
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After the flight inspection task of the Anhui Provincial Market Supervision Administration was issued, the Maoji Branch of the Huainan Market Supervision Administration paid great attention to it and implemented it seriously. Within one week, the Maoji branch will intensively train the unannounced inspection enterprise legal persons and the enterprise product quality leaders meeting selected by the provincial bureau. Enterprises are required to make all preparations in accordance with the”Supervision and Inspection Form for Food Production Enterprises”. From July 17 to 21, the Maoji branch once again conducted targeted on-site guidance to the above-mentioned enterprises. With the joint efforts of the enterprise, Pony professional teachers, and branch law enforcement officers, the provincial food production unannounced inspection task was successfully completed on July 31.

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Notice on Launching the Financial Demand Solicitation Activity of Hebei Province in 2020 for the”New Finance, New Technology and New Development” (Jikezi [2020] No. 28)
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In order to further implement the decision and deployment of the provincial party committee and government, give full play to the role of finance in the overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, increase precise support for technology-based enterprises, help cultivate new momentum, and promote the province’s high-tech industries and For the high-quality development of strategic emerging industries, the Department of Science and Technology of Hebei Province and Hebei Branch of China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as”CCB Hebei Branch”) jointly launched the”New Finance, New Technology and New Development” financial demand solicitation activity. The notice is as follows.

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