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The restaurant owner is now killing live chickens and still trembling? Stop your performance and accept the 10,000 yuan ticket!
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Recently on Douyin, a video of a restaurant owner holding live poultry in Yuhuatai District, Nanjing, attracted the attention of market regulators. Can the restaurant sell live poultry? Law enforcement personnel immediately intervened in the investigation. The video posted by the hotel owner showed that he was carrying a live chicken in his hand, and the chicken was flapping its wings. There are a group of live chickens in the iron cage on the ground, and about 10 chickens on the other side are lying on the ground with their feet tied. After the boss posted the video in the circle of friends, less than 20 minutes later, the public reported to the Nanjing market supervision department that it had successfully attracted the attention of law enforcement officials. The law enforcement personnel of Banqiao New City Branch of Yuhuatai District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau verified that the video was true and immediately rushed to the scene for disposal.

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