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In 2021, the export volume of agricultural products from Oklahoma Krasnodar border region to China increased to nearly 320 million US dollars
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Russia’s satellite news agency, Moscow, March 16 – the Federal Agricultural and industrial complex product export development center of the Russian Ministry of agriculture told the satellite news agency that the export of agricultural products from Russia’s Krasnodar border region to China reached US $318.2 million in 2021, 138 times that of 2015 (US $2.3 million).

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In the last week, the export volume of Chinese vegetables to the Baikal border region outside Russia almost doubled
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Moscow, October 19 (Russian satellite news agency) – according to the website of the animal and Plant Health Supervision Bureau of the Russian Federation, in the past week, Russia’s outer Baikal border region imported 1375 tons of vegetables and fruits from China, nearly twice as much as a week ago.

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