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The market supervision department strictly investigates the illegal addition of borax in food
By: Date: 2020-12-18 Categories: chinesefood Tags: ,

In recent years, the market supervision department has discovered through daily inspections and supervision and random inspections that illegal merchants have added borax to Liangpi, Yongpi (noodles) and Zongzi. The data shows that in the past three years, the market supervision department has investigated and dealt with 43 cases of illegal addition of borax to food during supervision and random inspections, and transferred 15 cases to the public security organs. The market supervision department has disclosed relevant random inspection and administrative penalty information to the public in accordance with the law. The market supervision department firmly implements the”four most stringent” requirements for food safety, always maintains a high-pressure attitude, and imposes the most severe punishment on food safety violations. At the same time, consumers are welcome to promptly report such problems to the market supervision department.

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[Interpretation by case] Adding borax to burning grass, Zhangping and his wife were both sentenced
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Recently, the Zhangping Court publicly heard a case in which borax, a non-edible substance, was mixed with burnt grass and white jelly powder (called Ping Soak in Zhangping dialect). Defendant Lin was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment with a fine; defendant Dai was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment, suspended for one year, and fined. Defendant Dai was prohibited from engaging in food production during the probation period. Sales and related activities.

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