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Notice of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of market supervision on printing and distributing the compliance guidelines for blind box business activities in Shanghai
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In order to standardize the blind box business activities carried out in this city, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and safeguard the social and public interests, according to relevant laws and regulations and in combination with the actual situation of this city, Shanghai market supervision administration has studied and formulated the compliance guidelines for blind box business activities in Shanghai.

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Use the”blind box” to induce excessive food consumption, when resist!
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Recently, KFC and bubble mart, a blind box seller, jointly launched the”dimoo co branded blind box package”, which has aroused consumers’ rush purchase and widespread concern in the society. According to the sales rules of this blind box package, if you want to collect a complete set of dolls, you need to buy at least 6 packages, and the probability of rare hidden models is 1:72. To this end, some consumers do not hesitate to spend 10494 yuan to buy 106 packages at one time; In addition, consumers buy”substitute food” services for”looking for children”, hire people to buy substitute food packages and get a blind box, and even throw away the endless food directly.

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