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The team of Professor Wang Yuefei from the College of agriculture of Zhejiang University has made new progress in the quality chemistry and health function of black tea
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Black tea belongs to fully fermented tea and is the tea with the largest consumption in the world. Black tea has to go through withering, rolling, fermentation and other links in the processing process, which promotes a series of complex biochemical reactions in the contents of tea, and finally forms the unique flavor quality and health effect of black tea. Recently, Professor Wang Yuefei’s team from the College of agriculture of Zhejiang University has made a series of progress in the quality formation and health function of black tea.

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Announcement of China Tea Circulation Association on Approving the group standard of Jinhua black tea
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In accordance with the relevant requirements of the group standard management measures of China Tea Circulation Association, the group standard Jinhua black tea drafted by China tea Hunan Anhua No. 1 tea factory Co., Ltd. and declared to our association. The standard is approved for release after it meets the requirements through project initiation, drafting, comment solicitation and technical review.

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my country’s black tea market and industry survey analysis report
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This report analyzes the development status of my country’s black tea industry from the aspects of production, consumption and trade, analyzes the development prospects, poverty alleviation potential and problem risks of the black tea industry, and proposes targeted countermeasures and suggestions from the government, enterprises, and industry associations. .

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Black tea wins import and export”identity card””going out” welcomes major benefits
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Starting from January 1 this year, dark tea has its own separate import and export tariff number list, marking that dark tea has its own official import and export”ID number”, solving the problems that have plagued the dark tea industry for many years and developing the industry. Ushered in major benefits.

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The first batch of Hunan black tea was declared for export under the proprietary tariff code of black tea
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On January 27th, Hunan Baishaxi Tea Factory Co., Ltd. declared a batch of black tea export to Yiyang Customs under Changsha Customs. This is the first time that Hunan Province black tea products have been declared for export under the exclusive tariff code of black tea, marking Hunan black tea. The”New Passport” was launched for the first time in the international market. On the same day, the batch of black tea was inspected by Yiyang Customs and shipped to the port for customs clearance.

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Notice of Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Administration on Soliciting Opinions on 12 Local Standards including”Anhua Dark Tea Qianliang Tea” (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)
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According to the requirements of the Hunan Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau document”Notice on Issuing the First Batch of Hunan Provincial Local Standards Establishment and Revision Project Plans in 2015″, Hunan Agricultural University, Anhua Black Tea Research Institute, Anhua County Tea Tourism Industry Development Service The Hunan Provincial Local Standards”Anhua Dark Tea Qianliang Tea”,”Anhua Dark Tea Fucha”,”Anhua Dark Tea Brick Tea”,”Anhua Dark Tea Black Brick Tea”,”Anhua Dark Tea”, and”Anhua Dark Tea” Black hair tea, Anhua dark tea Xiangjian tea, Anhua dark tea brewing and drinking methods, Anhua dark tea processing general technology, Anhua dark tea general technical requirements, Anhua black tea”Technical Regulations for Processing of Finished Tea”,”Technical Regulations for Processing of Anhua Black Tea”, and”Technical Regulations for Anhua Dark Tea Cultivation” have been drafted for solicitation of comments.

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The”Waikaxiang Tea Quality and Efficiency Improvement and Key Technology Research, Integration and Demonstration of Industrial Upgrading” project passed acceptance
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On the morning of December 29, the Science and Technology Department of the Academy organized relevant experts to discuss the tea research institute of our Academy, Yongzhou Agricultural Science Research Institute, Shaoyang Agricultural Science Research Institute, Zhangjiajie Agricultural Science and Technology Research Institute, Chenzhou Agricultural Science Research Institute and Yiyang The Hunan Provincial Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Fund Project”Research, Integration and Demonstration of Key Technologies for Improving Quality and Efficiency and Industrial Upgrading of Wucai Xiang Tea” (2019CY01), which was completed by the 5 municipal scientific research institutes of the Municipal Agricultural Science Research Institute, has been accepted.

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Hunan black tea public brand standard system construction and standard tea sample production project passed the acceptance
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According to the requirements of Xiangcai Caiji [2018] No. 006431, on December 9, the Plantation Management Office of the Hunan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized relevant experts to undertake the”Hunan Black Tea Public Brand Standard System Construction and Standard Tea Samples” undertaken by the Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences The”production” project was accepted. The experts at the meeting listened to the report of the project team, and after inquiring, questioning and consulting materials, they agreed that the project team had completed all the work content as required and agreed that the project was qualified.

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There are standards to follow! Local standards for geographical indication products”Qingjiu” and”Qinglai Black Tea” are officially released and implemented
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Recently, the Chengdu Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued the”Announcement on Approving the Issuance of 17 Chengdu Local Standards including”Geographical Indication Product Tangyuan Chive””,”Geographical Indication Product Qiongjiu” and”Geographical Indication Product Qionglai Black Tea”. The standard was approved and officially released. This is a new starting point for the protection of geographical indication products in Chengdu, and a new milestone in the sustainable development and brand development of Qiongjiu and Qionglai black tea industries!

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