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The notice on the inspection and disposal of 13 batches of unqualified food under supervision and sampling inspection (Shi Jian Shi Jian Han [2021] No. 1488) issued by the general office of the State Administration of market supervision involves two food business units in Ningxia Autonomous Region.

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Guidelines for prevention and control of quality and safety risks in the whole process of black chicken breeding
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Focusing on the safety problems of the black chicken industry, the quality and Safety Risk Assessment Laboratory of livestock and poultry products of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas (Nanchang), with the support of the special quality and safety risk assessment of livestock and poultry products of the supervision department of the Ministry of agriculture, analyzed and assessed the potential risks affecting the quality and safety of black chicken products, and studied the effects of black chicken on key drugs (fluoroquinolones, amidols, aminoglycosides, etc.) The key control points affecting the quality and safety of black chicken products are site selection, chicken seedling quality, health and epidemic prevention, vaccine immunization and drug residue control, and the prevention and control measures for the quality and safety risk of black chicken products are put forward, so as to provide technical support for the healthy development of black chicken industry.

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