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Expert viewpoint — dynamic evaluation of Cherry Market — enterprise brand is inseparable from standardization issue 45
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With the rapid development of China’s economy for a long time, the development of agricultural products market is facing a new situation, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Many agricultural products, including big cherry, have long bid farewell to the era of shortage and are facing oversupply or seasonal and regional surplus. On the other hand, consumers demand more. They not only like imported cherries, but also hope that domestic big cherries are also”cherries”. In recent years, a small number of growers and dealers have been recognized by consumers by reliable and stable quality, gained a certain popularity in the market and initially formed their own enterprise brand. If the enterprise brand wants to develop continuously, standardization is the top priority.

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In 2020, the brand value of Yantai big cherry region will reach 5.372 billion yuan
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Big cherry is known as”the first branch of spring fruit”,”gold planting industry” and”gem fruit”. It is one of the most economically profitable tree species among deciduous fruit trees in the north. Yantai has also become the earliest area in China to cultivate big cherry, with the highest annual yield, the best quality and the largest commodity rate. The planting area accounts for 17.1%of the country and the output accounts for 36%of the country.

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Expert Viewpoint|Correctly understand the current stage of the industrialization level and status of big cherries——Analysis of big cherries market dynamics Issue 43
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The domestic big cherry industry is already the largest in the world, but the level of industrialization is not high, and the degree of completeness of the industrial chain is relatively low. Compared with the industrialization, large-scale and intensification of imported cherries such as Chile, the United States, and Australia With mature production models, the gap is obvious. The most intuitive reflection is in the quality of fresh fruits. There is still a long way to go for China’s big cherry industry as a whole to reach or approach the level of imported cherries. Correctly understand the current level and current situation of domestic big cherry industrialization, find the correct positioning, neither do it alone or belittle oneself, so as to avoid detours and develop better and faster.

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Expert Viewpoints |”Big Cherries Increase in Volume and Price Fall No Longer to Be Rare”-Analysis of Big Cherry Market Dynamics No. 42
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In the past ten years, the number and price of big cherries on the market and consumers’ tables have undergone drastic changes. Imported cherries have changed from being sold in a few large supermarkets to the street fruit stalls. They have been reduced from 100 yuan per catty to 20 yuan, and large cherries in facilities have been reduced from 300 yuan per catty by 20 to 30 yuan, and open-air cherries are even more expensive. It is sold in single digits. The high-end fruits of the past have gradually become civilians. The”first spring fruit” of the year is no longer rare.

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Expert perspective丨The packaging of big cherries needs to be upgraded-the 39th issue of the market dynamics of big cherries
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Cherry is the earliest mature tree species among deciduous fruit trees, and has the reputation of”the first branch of spring fruit”. The color is bright, the taste is high-grade, and the imported high-end products are called cherries. In recent years, many consumers who love fruits have made cherries freedom their pursuit. Imported cherries are of good quality and high degree of standardization, especially the packaging is exquisite, reasonable, hygienic and safe, and it is more convenient for cold chain transportation. On the other hand, the packaging of domestic big cherries has changed a lot in recent years. A small number of them are close to or reach the level of cherries, but most of them are still unable to break away from the”market stall level”. Many are packaged in newspapers, which is neither hygienic nor safe. It is even more unfavorable for cold chain transportation, let alone quality, standard and brand. Big cherry packaging upgrade is imperative.

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Expert Viewpoints | Market competition must give full play to and enhance regional advantages—Analysis of the market dynamics of big cherry No. 38
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In recent years, my country’s cherry planting area has continued to expand, and the planting area has continued to expand. Many areas that did not grow cherries are now also planting cherry orchards, and a number of new eugenic areas and suitable areas have emerged. In addition to traditional production areas such as Yantai in Shandong and Dalian in Liaoning, Tongchuan in Shaanxi and Tianshui in Gansu have also become the main cherry growing areas in western China. At the same time, cherry planting in areas such as Tangshan in Hebei, Luoyang in Henan, Linyi in Shanxi, Dali in Yunnan, Haidong in Qinghai, and southern Xinjiang have also entered the fast lane of development. The soil, climate, sunshine, and cultivation methods are different in different regions, forming different product characteristics, and each has certain product characteristics and market advantages.

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Notice of the Yantai Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau on Soliciting Opinions on the Local Standard”Geographical Indication Product-Yantai Cherry” (Draft for Soliciting Opinions on Revised Provisions)
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In accordance with the relevant requirements of the”Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Administration’s Announcement on the Announcement of the Results of the 2020 Provincial Local Standards Review” (Lu Shi Jian Announcement [2020] No. 71), Yantai City Market Supervision Administration, Yantai City Agriculture and Rural Bureau and other units drafted the draft The draft for soliciting comments on the revised provisions of the local standard”Geographical Indication Products Yantai Cherry”, in order to ensure the comprehensiveness, scientificity, and practicality of the standard, the public is now soliciting opinions from the public.

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Experts’ perspective丨The enlightenment from the overall reduction in cherry production in Dalian facilities this year
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Since Dalian Facility Cherries came into the market in February at a price of 300 yuan/jin, the wholesale market for large fruits above 12 grams has still been bought at 70 yuan/jin, especially when they entered the mass market in March, the price is still 30%higher than last year. The above, the time of persistence has greatly exceeded that of previous years, which is certainly not accidental. The overall cherry production in Dalian facilities has been reduced this year and the overall quality is better than last year. Mainly manifested in the large size, the proportion of more than 12 grams is more than 60%, and the sugar content is high, about 2 degrees higher than last year, mostly between 13 and 15 degrees. This is precisely the favorite of consumers. The natural reduction in production has brought good quality and high prices, and the reduction in production will not reduce the income or the income will be significantly reduced, which has to be thought-provoking.

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