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Three batches of leeks and bean sprouts in Shanghai were found to be unqualified, all from online shopping platforms
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On August 4, the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration announced the new phase of food inspection information. This sampling information involves 8 categories of food, including:edible oil, fat and its products, biscuits, catering food, egg products, alcohol, edible agricultural products, vegetable products, beverages, etc. A total of 407 batches of samples were sampled, of which 404 batches were qualified and 3 batches were unqualified.

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Announcement of Wenzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration on the Sixth Phase of Food Supervision Sampling Inspection in 2021
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In order to carry out food safety supervision functions in depth and effectively safeguard the food safety of Wenzhou and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the Wenzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration has carried out daily food safety supervision and sampling according to the arrangements of the 2021 food safety supervision and sampling plan.

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Xinjiang exposed 5 batches of unqualified food, involving pesticide and veterinary drug residues and food additives
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Recently, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Market Supervision and Administration Bureau released the 20th food safety sampling information in 2020, and organized sampling inspections of 240 batches of samples of three types of food including pastries, catering food and edible agricultural products. According to the national food safety standard inspection and judgment, 235 batches of qualified samples and 5 batches of unqualified samples were sampled for inspection items. Unqualified food involves indicators such as residues of agricultural and veterinary drugs and the use of food additives beyond the scope and limit.

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