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Notice of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas and the China maritime police on printing and distributing the benchmark of discretion in marine fishery administrative punishment (for Trial Implementation) (nongyufa [2021] No. 24)
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In order to standardize the discretion standard of marine fishery administrative punishment, ensure that fishery administration and maritime police agencies at all levels in coastal areas implement fishery administrative punishment fairly, fairly and reasonably, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations, our ministry, together with the China maritime police bureau, has formulated the benchmark for discretion of marine fishery administrative punishment (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as the benchmark).

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Qianjiang Market Supervision Bureau launched the work of improving the quality of standards and compliance with relevant enterprises in the shrimp and rice industry chain in the city
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In order to implement the relevant work of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau’s”Notice on Carrying out the Action Plan for Quality Improvement of Benchmarking” (E City Supervision Office Standard [2021] No. 1), according to the”Qianjiang City Market Supervision Administration’s 2021 benchmarking According to the deployment requirements of the”Implementation Plan for the Special Action for Quality Improvement”, recently, Director Li Xiang of the Provincial Institute of Standards and Quality and the staff of the Standardization Section (Institute) of the Municipal Bureau went to relevant enterprises in the Qianjiang Shrimp and Rice Industry Chain to carry out benchmarking and quality improvement work.

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Announcement of the General Administration of Market Supervision on Approving the Recurrence of the New Definition Values ​​of the International System of Units for Some National Benchmark Units (No. 5 of 2021)
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The 26th International Conference on Weights and Measures passed Resolution 1 on”Revision of the International System of Units (SI)”, in which the value of Planck’s constant (h) was revised to 6.62607015×10-34 J s, the value of basic charge (e) Revised as 1.602176634×10-19 C. Thus, the Josephson constant becomes KJ=2e/h=483597.848416984 GHz/V, and the von Klitzing constant becomes RK=h/e2=25812.8074593045 Ω.

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