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Annual Report|The net profit of 6 beer companies including Tsingtao Brewery, Zhujiang Brewery, and Huiquan Brewery increased year-on-year in 2020; the performance of 2 beer companies both decreased
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Recently, the 2020 annual reports of listed beer companies have been released. Food Partners.com has compiled the 2020 annual reports of 8 beer companies. According to statistics, the net profits of 6 companies including Tsingtao Brewery, Zhujiang Brewery, Huiquan Brewery, and China Resources Brewery have increased year-on-year in 2020. , Yanjing Beer and Lanzhou Yellow River both fell in 2020.

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Hengshui High-tech Zone Bureau launches special inspection of beer production enterprises
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Summer has arrived, and beer consumption has entered a peak period. In order to ensure that the beer supplied on the market is safe and qualified, and to eliminate hidden food safety hazards, the Hengshui High-tech Zone Bureau recently conducted a special inspection of Hebei Laijin Craft Beer Co., Ltd., a beer production enterprise in its jurisdiction.

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“Share the dividends of the times, accumulate value bloom”-2021 China Beer Marketing Summit Forum held in Beijing
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On April 29, hosted by the Beer Branch of the China Liquor Industry Association, and co-organized by Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Tencent Smart Retail Strategic Cooperation Department,”Sharing the Dividend of the Times and Accumulate Value Blooming”-2021 China Beer Marketing Summit Forum Held in Beijing. The forum focused on the development trend of big data precision marketing, channel digitization, and high-end product structure in the beer industry, and focused on inviting representatives of beer and beer raw material member companies and related units and media representatives of the China Liquor Industry Association to participate in the meeting.

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China Food Institute and Yanjing Beer’s cooperation project reached international leading level
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On April 21, 2021, the “Development and Application of Key Technologies for Wheat Beer Quality Improvement and Accurate Control” jointly completed by China Food and Fermentation Industry Research Institute, Beijing Yanjing Brewery Co., Ltd. and Tianjin University of Science and Technology passed successfully in Beijing Appraisal of scientific and technological achievements organized by China National Light Industry Council.

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Statistics:South Korea, North Korea and Japan beer distributors last year’s sales decreased by 72.2%year-on-year
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Yonhap News Agency, Seoul, April 19th. According to data from the electronic publicity system of the Korean Financial Supervisory Service on the 19th, the sales of Japanese Asahi Beer’s Korean distributor Lotte Asahi Liquor Company last year dropped by 72.2%year-on-year to only 17.3 billion won (approximately RMB 1.1). Billion). The company has suffered losses for two consecutive years, with an operating loss of 12.4 billion won last year.

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