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my country’s honey market and industry survey analysis report
By: Date: 2021-01-29 Categories: industrynews Tags: ,

China has a long history of beekeeping and is the world’s largest beekeeping country. The bee industry has played an important role in the fight against poverty. At present, the production of honey in China is dominated by individuals and families, and the scale of beekeeping is small and scattered. Immature honey is dominated by concentrated honey, and its competitiveness in the international market is weak. China’s honey exports are large, but the export value is low, and the price difference between imports and exports is large. In the future, China’s honey industry will gradually transform to a large-scale and organized operation, the added value of exports will be further enhanced, the per capita consumption will continue to increase, and there will be plenty of room for development. However, due to the low level of production technology, the defects of industry standards, and the irregular market environment, China’s honey industry may face the risk of international green trade barriers and the risk of no successor to bee breeding. In the next step, all relevant entities should work together to help China’s honey industry become better and stronger.

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