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Development Trends and Policy Recommendations of the Beef and Yak Industry in 2021
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In 2021, the national-level beef and yak industry policy will continue the relevant policies in 2020, and increase investment through agricultural production development funds to support the protection of beef and yak germplasm resources and breed selection and other technological research and development, and promote the development of the beef and yak industry And transformation and upgrading. Through the promotion of”grain conversion” and”combination of planting and raising”, support the collection, storage and planting of high-quality forage materials, support the cycle model of planting and raising represented by the beef cattle industry from the policy level, and support the regions represented by straw silage and liquor lees The land and breeding supporting policies for the efficient use of sexual by-product resources have planned to continue to promote the construction of cows carrying calves and reproductive cow herds in poverty-stricken areas, forming high-quality and distinctive shelf cattle bases and promoting effective poverty alleviation for farmers. In accordance with the actual needs of industrial development, continue to implement subsidies for improved varieties to support

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15 years of basic research on beef cattle at Northwest A&F University has achieved many innovative results
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On December 18, the Chinese Society of Agriculture organized a 7-member expert group headed by Academician Yin Yulong of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and completed the”Functional Genomics Research and Application of Important Economic Traits of Chinese Beef Cattle” hosted by Professor Zan Linsen of the Academy of Animal Sciences for 15 years. According to the evaluation standards and procedures of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the results are considered to have reached the international advanced level. Among them, the research on the genetic diversity and origin evolution of Chinese yellow cattle, the history and characteristics of the adaptive domestication of the yak plateau has reached the international leading level, which is important The scientific significance and application value of

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