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Shandong Shanghe County Market Supervision Bureau carried out special inspection on beef and mutton market
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Recently, the market supervision bureau of Shanghe county organized various market supervision offices to conduct special inspections on 64 beef and mutton production and operation units in the county, strengthen the supervision of beef and mutton production and operation, further improve the level of food safety, ensure that consumers buy assured beef and mutton, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

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Circular of the market supervision administration of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on the inspection and disposal of unqualified food (No. 5 in 2021) No. 90 in 2021
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The notice of the general office of the State Administration of market supervision on the inspection and disposal of 11 batches of unqualified food (Shi Jian Shi Jian Han [2021] No. 836) issued by the general office of the State Administration of market supervision involves a business enterprise in Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

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Xiamen Heshan Institute launches special inspection and supervision of livestock and poultry products
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In the previous stage, the media exposed the illegal use of”clenbuterol” in the process of mutton sheep breeding in some areas. In order to strengthen the supervision and management of livestock and poultry products in the business process, and strictly prevent unqualified meat products from entering the market and entering the table, all localities must continue to strengthen the supervision of the sales of live pig products, and further increase the supervision and inspection and risk of commercial beef and mutton and other livestock and poultry products. Investigate efforts to effectively ensure the quality and safety of livestock and poultry products. According to the Provincial Bureau’s”Notice on Immediately Carrying Out the Inspection of Lamb and Its Products”, Heshan Institute immediately launched deployments and organized special meat products such as beef, mutton and other livestock and poultry products within its jurisdiction. Remediation and investigation work.

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The development status, future trends and countermeasures of the cattle and sheep industry in 2020
By: Date: 2021-05-03 Categories: industrynews Tags: ,

In 2020, the supply and demand of beef and mutton in my country will be affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The annual output increased slightly compared with the previous year. Consumer demand gradually recovered after the cold in the first quarter. The annual consumption demand increased. The tight supply caused the price of beef and mutton. The annual average market price of beef and mutton was 84.09 yuan/kg and 80.57 yuan/kg, up 14.8%and 11.6%respectively year-on-year; beef imports continued to increase, and mutton imports decreased slightly. Cumulative imports of beef and mutton were 2,118,300 tons, respectively. And 365,000 tons, a year-on-year increase of 27.7%and a decrease of 7.0%respectively. It is expected that domestic beef and mutton demand will continue to be strong in 2021, supply will remain tight, and prices will continue to run at a high level.

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Notice of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on Issuing the”Five-Year Action Plan for Promoting the Development of Meat, Beef and Sheep Production” (Nongmufa [2021] No. 10)
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In order to implement the”Guiding Opinions on the Implementation of Important Agricultural Products Guarantee Strategies” and the”Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the High-quality Development of Animal Husbandry”, implement the requirements of the No. 1 Central Document in 2021 on the active development of cattle and sheep production, and promote high production of beef, beef and sheep. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs formulated the”Five-Year Action Plan for Promoting the Development of Meat, Beef and Sheep Production”.

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When eating beef and mutton during the Spring Festival, keep in mind to prevent brucellosis
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The Spring Festival is the most grand and grand traditional folk festival in our country. Right now, as the New Year is approaching, people are starting to buy New Year’s goods openly and slaughtering pigs and sheep to prepare for the New Year. Everyone knows that beef and mutton is one of the main meats eaten by people in northern China, and it has always been used as an important food for winter and cold protection and tonic. Apart from the celebrations, the Gansu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention warmly reminds the residents to be alert to brucellosis when slaughtering, processing, and eating beef and mutton!

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Press conference of the 5th 1212 China Cattleman Summit and 2020 Global Cattle and Sheep Industry Expo held in Beijing
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On November 19th, the press conference of the Fifth 1212 China Cattleman Summit and 2020 Global Cattle and Sheep Industry Expo was successfully held in Beijing. China Meat Association Executive Vice President and Secretary-General Chen Wei, Deputy Secretary-General Hu Ying, Zhao Zudong, Niu Ren Club Branch Chairman Ma Guangsheng, Executive Chairman Wang Feng, You Zhongshou, Yuan Wei, Secretary-General Zhao Anli, Northeast District Governor Hou Wei, Tong Fangjie, Secretary-General of Beijing District, Zhang Jia, Secretary-General of Shandong District, and some business representatives were invited to attend the meeting.

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