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Plant protein meat is popular in the world, and simulation meat flavor is the key to the technology!
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The taste and taste of plant meat are the main choices for consumers to purchase, and the authenticity of taste and taste is the main technical problem at present. The nutritional content of plant meat will also be a point of close attention of consumers. According to investigation and analysis, the taste and beany taste of plant meat are the main reasons for the loss of customers, and some customers are worried about additives and nutrition problems during processing. How to avoid and solve the above problems is the main problem facing today. For this reason, Angel Yeast Company established a special group to conduct in-depth analysis of the above problems, and conducted experiments, research and development, and discussions with well-known domestic raw materials companies to form a set of solutions that can solve plant meat The nutrient deficiency in the raw materials, the flavor is improved, the meat taste is enhanced, and the beany taste is removed.

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