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The provincial, municipal and county market supervision departments intensively interviewed the three largest bean sprout production enterprises in Lanzhou
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In order to promote the special action of”inspection and protection” and the special rectification of prominent problems in the field of food and drug safety that infringe on the interests of the people, further strengthen the quality and safety supervision of Yuzhong County bean sprouts, and standardize the production and operation of bean sprouts, recently, the Yuzhong County Market Supervision Bureau cooperated with the inspectors of the provincial and municipal market supervision bureaus to Gansu jindouyuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. and other three bean sprout production enterprises carried out special supervision and centralized interviews.

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Keep the bottom line, check hidden dangers and ensure safety:Dingxi Anding District market supervision and Administration Bureau adheres to the safety on the tip of the tongue
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Dingxi Anding District market supervision and Administration Bureau carried out special rectification actions on bean sprout production and operation, standardized production and operation behaviors, and promoted the development of bean sprout industry.

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The six batches of food in Yunnan failed to pass the sampling inspection, involving fragrant rice bait pieces, bananas, turbot fish, etc
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Recently, Yunnan market supervision and Administration Bureau released the 18th issue of food safety supervision and sampling information in 2022. Six batches of unqualified food were detected, and the unqualified samples involved food processing products and edible agricultural products.

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Shanghai:leeks, bean sprouts, health food… Food safety information traceability will be implemented from March 1
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According to the newly released Shanghai food safety information traceability management catalogue (2021 Edition), leeks, bean sprouts, sterilized milk (normal temperature), health food, special medical formula food and Baijiu are equivalent to the implementation of food safety information traceability since March 1, 2022.

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Guarding the safety on the tip of the tongue — Heqing County Court in Yunnan Province concluded the first criminal case of endangering food safety in Heqing
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On February 15, 2022, the people’s Court of Heqing County held a public hearing on a criminal case involving food safety to effectively protect the people’s”safety on the tip of the tongue”. Li, who produced and sold”poisonous bean sprouts”, committed the crime of producing and selling poisonous and harmful food. In the first instance, he was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of six months, suspended for one year and fined 3000 yuan. The case is the first case of food safety related crime tried by Heqing County People’s court.

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[interpretation by case] the merchants producing and selling”poisonous bean sprouts” and”black heart” were sentenced
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Food is the most important thing for the people and food safety is the first. Daily necessities are closely related to people’s daily life. Meat, vegetables and other foods are even indispensable food on the table. However, some bad vendors, for their own self-interest, flow bean sprouts mixed with toxic and harmful additives into the market. Waiting for them, it must be the”iron fist” of the law.

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According to the case, a vegetable vendor and supermarket manager in Xixia were sentenced for selling”poisonous bean sprouts”
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Xie is a vegetable vendor. In order to improve sales and make more profits, she bought some additives commonly known as”rootless powder” and added them to the bean sprouts. Soak the beans in water. After the beans germinate and grow to 3 or 4 cm, spray water on the bean sprouts with the prepared potion. Wait for about 6 or 7 days. The bean sprouts can be white and fat, bright color, and there are no roots at the tail. Zhu is the purchasing manager of a supermarket in Xixia. Knowing that Xie added toxic and harmful substances to bean sprouts, he still purchased bean sprouts at Xie and transported them to each branch of the supermarket for sales.

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The production and sales of”poisonous bean sprouts” shall bear criminal responsibility and be compensated ten times
By: Date: 2021-11-22 Categories: chinesefood Tags: ,

During the period from August 2019 to April 2020, the defendant Guo Moumou, without obtaining business license, food circulation license and other business certificates, purchased”bean sprout rootless element” twice from Taobao through others, illegally added rootless element when producing bean sprouts in his home, and then sold the bean sprouts to Shen Moumou Gao and other merchants, with a sales amount of 19200 yuan. After identification, sodium 4-chlorophenoxyacetate was detected in bean sprouts extracted from Mr. Guo and the above sellers. The Changzhi market supervision and Administration Bureau has determined that sodium 4-chlorophenoxyacetate should be recognized as toxic and harmful non food raw materials according to law.

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Danzhai court tried a case of”poisonous bean sprouts” involving food safety
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Danzhai County People’s court tried a food safety case involving”bean sprouts”. After trial, it was found that the defendant Han mouzhi was engaged in bean sprout production in his kitchen. In order to make bean sprouts rootless and easy to sell, he illegally added”rootless hormone” in the process of cultivating bean sprouts to promote the growth of bean sprouts, and then sold the cultivated bean sprouts to the farmers’ market. In December 2020, when the market supervision bureau of Danzhai county carried out law enforcement inspection on the place where bean sprouts were produced, it was found that Han mouzhi was cultivating several barrels of yellow bean sprouts, and found several sticks of”rootless agent” at the place where bean sprouts were produced. The law enforcement authorities then sampled and sent the cultivated bean sprouts for inspection, and seized the”rootless agent” found at the scene for inspection.

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Guarding the safety of the tip of the tongue:the court of Hui County, Gansu Province issued the first criminal”prohibition order”
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Recently, the people’s Court of Huixian County, Gansu Province held a court session to hear a civil public interest litigation case attached to the crime of producing toxic and harmful food, and issued the first employment prohibition order of Huixian county court to fully protect the people’s”safety on the tip of the tongue”.

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