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Taocheng District Branch of Hengshui City launched a special rectification action for the barbecue industry in its jurisdiction
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Fireworks, friendly and interesting, as the most popular food in summer—barbecue is well deserved. No barbecue is not summer. The small barbecue stall can be called the”late night canteen” of Chinese people. While eating, the quality of barbecue and the sanitation of the dining place have also become the focus of attention of the majority of”roasters”. In order to further regulate the behavior of the barbecue industry, improve the awareness of law-abiding operation of barbecue operators in the jurisdiction, combined with the current normal situation of epidemic prevention and control The Taocheng District Branch of the Hengshui City Market Supervision Administration has launched a special rectification action on the barbecue and catering industry in its jurisdiction to ensure consumer food safety.

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