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Innovative development of Bayer agriculture in 2021
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On March 1, 2022, Bayer announced its financial report for 2021. Bayer Group has made good achievements in product revenue and strategic layout of various departments. Annual sales reached 44 billion euros, with a growth rate of 9%adjusted by currency exchange rates and portfolios in different regions, with the crop science sector accounting for the highest proportion (compared with the pharmaceutical and consumer health sector).

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Bayer will distribute enlist E3 soybeans with glyphosate resistance and other three herbicides
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Recently, Bayer announced an agreement with M.S. technologies, L.L.C. containing enlist E3 ™ The distribution agreement of trait soybean aims to provide Bayer customers with more choices and more integrated weed management tools. Bayer has long advocated the coexistence of multiple action sites in the crop system in order to help farmers’ customers succeed. This protocol adds another efficient trait system for weed control.

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