BASF will launch pre-planting herbicide Voraxor in Canada
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Agrochemical Network Chinese website reported:Recently, BASF’s herbicide Voraxor™ (trifludimoxazin + saflufenacil) was approved by the Pest Management Agency (PMRA) of Health Canada. Voraxor contains Tirexor®, the first registered active ingredient, to provide growers in Western Canada with a new solution for weeding in the 2022 crop season. Voraxor is the newest member of BASF’s pre-sowing herbicide product portfolio, representing the evolution of BASF’s innovation in weed killing technology.

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BASF launched the fungicide Priorxor (fluconamide + pyraclostrobin) in Argentina
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World Agrochemical Network Chinese website reported:Recently, BASF launched its new fungicide Priorxor at a virtual event in Argentina, which contains the active ingredients fluconamide and pyraclostrobin. This product is a new generation of carboxamide fungicides developed by BASF. It has a long lasting period and broad-spectrum control capabilities. It can be used in many crops including soybeans, wheat, corn, potatoes, and tomatoes.

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Canada approves BASF’s two pre-planting herbicides Certitude® (Mefentrazone) and Smoulder™ (Saflufenacil+Mesulfuron-methyl)
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Agrochemicals.com.cn report:Recently, BASF’s active ingredient fentrazone was approved by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) of Health Canada. Carfentrazone is the first Group 27 herbicide approved in Canada that can be used before rapeseed planting. BASF’s new pre-planting herbicide Certitude? containing this active ingredient will be used for rapeseed planting in the upcoming 2021 planting season It provides industry-leading prevention effects for Kochia scoparia and self-growing rapeseed.

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BASF intends to acquire ASL, an innovative melon breeding company
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BASF formally agreed to acquire ASL to continue to strengthen its position as the preferred partner in the fruit and vegetable value chain. The French private company ASL is one of the most innovative melon breeding companies in the world, headquartered near Avignon. This acquisition transaction covers all assets of ASL, including seed production, intellectual property rights, germplasm, R&D facilities and employees.

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