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Anfu County, Ji’an City, took various measures to carry out the special action of”banning catches in the Yangtze River and breaking the chain”
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In order to implement the decision-making and deployment of the Yangtze River Basin’s ban on arrests, the Anfu County Market Supervision Bureau has recently launched a special action of”the Yangtze River ban on arrests, withdraw from arrests and break the chain”.

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Yiyang City Datong Lake District Market Supervision Bureau again reads the”tightening curse” of ban on arrest and withdrawal of arrest
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“The sale of wild fish is completely banned, and the words’wild’ and’Jiangxian’ are strictly prohibited.” On February 4, the Market Supervision Bureau of Datong Lake District, Yiyang City interviewed 7 market operators and signed a letter of commitment to prohibit the sale of wild fish.

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Zhejiang Yuhuan City seized more than 1,450 kilograms of illegal catch
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In the early morning of July 4th, after careful control of the squatting points in the early stage, Zhejiang Yuhuan Port and Shipping Port and Fishery Administration organized law enforcement personnel to seize the illegal octopus, dragon head fish, small squid and other illegal activities in three vegetable markets including Yuhuan Chengguan Central Vegetable Market The total catch was 1,450 kg.

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