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For the first time, Russian oatmeal enters the border with Eurasian train from Erenhot port
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On July 11, oats imported from Russia entered China for the first time from the Erenhot port via the China-Europe train. The train was sent from Abakan, Russia, and entered through Erlianhot port, and finally arrived in Shuangzhai, Qinghai. A total of 43 boxes of oats were carried, with a weight of 1118 tons. The train is a food train operated by Sinotrans Huazhong Co., Ltd. Gansu Branch and Sinotrans North China Co., Ltd. Erlian Branch. The whole journey is 5,200 kilometers and is expected to run for about 15 days. So far, the number of China-Europe train lines at Erlianhot Port has increased to 40.

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Lanzhou dry port Central Asia grain return train arrives in Gansu, will realize normal operation
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Gansu (Lanzhou) International Land Port revealed that on the 28th, the barley-laden Central Asia (Kazakhstan-Gansu) grain return trains successively arrived at Zhangye City Station in Gansu Province, achieving the”zero” return line of Lanzhou dry ports in Central Asia in 2020 Breakthrough.

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