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South Korea has newly imposed temporary import restrictions on host plants of banana perforator nematodes from China’s Guangdong Province and Shanghai
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On August 31, 2021, the website of the Korean Animal and Plant Quarantine Bureau reported that the Korean side recently detected banana perforator nematodes from plants imported from Guangdong Province (Foshan City) and Shanghai, China. According to the Phytosanitary Law, it is planned to be in 2021. From August 31, 2010, the import of banana perforator nematode host plants from prohibited areas with phytosanitary certificates attached to shipments from September 7 will be prohibited.

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Bananas from Vietnam are blocked from exporting to China, and many measures are taken to enhance the value of products
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Affected by the epidemic, China-Vietnam ports have strengthened prevention and control measures. From August 16th to August 25th, the China-Vietnam Puzhai-Xinqing Port in Pingxiang, Guangxi and Langshan, Vietnam, suspended cargo clearance. On August 26, Nonghuai-Gunan Port also received a notice to suspend import and export business.

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Vietnam’s Ca Mau Province takes multiple measures to increase the value of banana products
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In order to increase the value of banana products in Ca Mau Province, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ca Mau Province has planned the banana planting areas, including VietGAP banana planting areas, organic bananas and ecological planting areas related to the application of intensive agriculture, to new varieties and high-quality varieties Planting transformation. This will help improve the productivity and income of people in rural areas.

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Andean countries support global alliance against banana Fusarium wilt bacteria TR4
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Agrochemicals.net Chinese website reported:Recently, the Institute of Agricultural Cooperation of the Americas (IICA) stated that the ministers and senior agricultural authorities of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru have approved the Global Alliance against Banana Fusarium Wilt TR4 to conduct regional coordination to control this Pests.

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Banana exports from the Philippines decline, and the markets of China, Japan and South Korea continue to shrink
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According to the Philippine”Business Mirror” news, domestic exporters in the Philippines issued a warning that the market share of Philippine bananas in China, Japan and South Korea has been shrinking, and a large amount of market share has flowed to Vietnam, Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries and Latin American banana producing countries. .

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