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Liquor Industry News in February:Alcohol consumption in the Spring Festival stalls is hot, and some liquor prices are adjusted
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In February, the following developments occurred in the alcohol industry:during the Spring Festival, alcohol consumption ushered in a golden stall, and under the new situation of”Chinese New Year in situ”, alcohol consumption was fierce; Guotai Winery, Guizhou Zhenjiu, Shunxin Agriculture, etc Companies released price adjustment news and adjusted prices for some of their products; ST Weilong, Yanghe shares, Langjiu Sales Company, Budweiser Asia Pacific and other corporate personnel adjustments; Chongqing Beer, Zhujiang Beer, Yanghe shares and other wine companies have successively announced In the 2020 performance forecast, foreign wine companies such as Heineken Beer, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Boston Beer, and Diageo have released financial reports.

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