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Brazil cancels registration of all paraquat technical products
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Agrochemical Network Chinese Network reported:Recently, the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply and the Brazilian National Health Inspection Agency (Anvisa) issued a joint normative directive that defines the monitoring and review of Brazilian farmers’ A series of procedures for the use and collection of the remaining inventory of paraquat products.

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Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on effectively strengthening the special rectification of paraquat (Nong Bannong [2020] No. 14)
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In recent years, the special rectification of paraquat has achieved remarkable results. However, illegal addition of paraquat and illegal operation of paraquat still exist in some areas, resulting in paraquat poisoning accidents from time to time, causing adverse social impacts. In order to thoroughly implement the”Pesticide Management Regulations”, the Ministry of Agriculture Announcements No. 1745 and 2445, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Announcement No. 269, strictly implement paraquat supervision measures, continue to promote the special rectification of paraquat, and safeguard people’s lives and health The notice is as follows.

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Thailand wants to lift the ban on paraquat and chlorpyrifos again?
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Recently, most farmers in Thailand did not agree to ban paraquat. Farmer representatives stated the facts and suggested that the government should not allow the import of agricultural products from countries that still use paraquat (even if the pesticide residues in these products do not exceed the prescribed standards). The Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand, Chalermchai, will prepare a letter to the Hazardous Substances Committee to cancel the ban on paraquat and chlorpyrifos.

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