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“Research and Application of Southern Bacterial Wilt Resistance and High Quality Tomato Variety Cultivation” by Vegetable Institute of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences passed the result evaluation
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On the afternoon of March 22, the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized experts to hold a scientific and technological achievement evaluation meeting in our institute. Using the on-site meeting mode, the research on the cultivation of high-quality tomato varieties with resistance to bacterial wilt in southern China completed by the Vegetable Research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences Evaluate the results with the application.

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Zhonghua 29 and Zhonghua 30 set new highs in peanut yield and quality
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On August 19th, at the”On-site observation of new peanut varieties with high oleic acid and high resistance to bacterial wilt and the seminar on the development of high oleic peanut industry in Hubei Province” held in Hong’an County, Hubei Province, the high-oil crops selected by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences The new varieties with high acidity and resistance to bacterial wilt, Zhonghua 29 and Zhonghua 30, measured on-site yields of dried fruits reached 442 kg and 351 kg per mu, respectively, an increase of more than 15%over the local popular varieties, and the oleic acid content reached 80.1%and 80.2%, respectively. And the quality index hit a new high.

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